Mackenzie O.

Surrender As a child, I grew up knowing who Jesus was, but never fully understood what everyone was so excited for. I attended Awanas and belonged to a church, but that didn’t mean that I had accepted Christ into my heart. I struggled with anxiety about most things in my life. I was very self-conscience […]


I Am Redeemed If you’ve known me for a while, especially if you went to high school with me, you’ve probably seen a huge change in my life.  The person that I was even two years ago is far from the person I am today.  The change in my life wasn’t because of me, it […]

Katie G.

Investing Sorrow In Jesus I came to know Jesus after my brother passed away when I was eight years old. My brother, Danny, was born with Down syndrome. One night, November 24th, 1996, my parents and two older brothers went to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert in Green Bay. Coming home, the weather took a […]

Kattie G.

Hurt & Healing In your head I would like you to think of a word. It can be any word at all. Now most people think of happy words right? What word do you think when you think about Jesus Christ? When I first thought about this question I thought of the word “hurt.” So […]

Tiffany P.

Searching In All The Wrong Places My upbringing was by no means a fairy tale or perfect. I was brought up into a broken home, where my dad was not present and my mom was heavily addicted to drugs. I lived at home with my two other siblings and I took care of the house […]

Matt F.

Identity Crisis When I was in middle school and high school my life revolved around my friends, sports, girls and my social statues. God was not a very big part of my life, even though I grew up hearing about Jesus & would still go to church and to youth group. I would just coast […]

Betsy B.

Who Am I? Throughout my childhood and busy career in high school, I thought I was a very devoted Christian. I went to church almost every Sunday, read the Bible, prayed a lot, and tried to display my faith at every chance I could. Senior year came around and life was very hectic and I […]

Abie K.

White Gold Trust I have a white gold ring that I have worn on my left hand’s ring finger every single day since I made “The Promise” my freshman year of high school. Every morning when I put it on, and every night when I take it off, I can’t help but gasp at its […]

Amy D.

A Father’s Love I had a happy childhood. Our family was a happy little unit. My parents were always generous with us and they encouraged good grades, participation in sports, and being with friends during my elementary years. Things changed in 5th grade when my parents got a divorce. This was a shock to me, […]

Zach J.

What Is Love? When I think of my life before college, I immediately think of the word “comfortable”.  I had it easy.  I had parents who liked me, friends who wanted to be around me, and zero conflict.  I literally coasted through high school.  I never had any enemies because I never got involved in […]