Fall Retreat 2014

              We are still 5 weeks away from our annual Fall Retreat, but you need to clear your calendars now! Join us for a chance to get away with friends for a weekend in the beautiful Northwoods of WI from October 3-5. This will be a great opportunity to connect […]

Welcome Week Events

If you are looking to connect with Cru, we will have a lot happening during the first week of school. Look for us at RecFest and Taste of Oshkosh for more info on how to get involved. Here are some upcoming events: Ultimate Frisbee & Volleball – Wednesday 9/3 from 4pm-6pm by the volleyball/tennis courts […]

Mackenzie O.

Surrender As a child, I grew up knowing who Jesus was, but never fully understood what everyone was so excited for. I attended Awanas and belonged to a church, but that didn’t mean that I had accepted Christ into my heart. I struggled with anxiety about most things in my life. I was very self-conscience […]


I Am Redeemed If you’ve known me for a while, especially if you went to high school with me, you’ve probably seen a huge change in my life.  The person that I was even two years ago is far from the person I am today.  The change in my life wasn’t because of me, it […]

Katie G.

Investing Sorrow In Jesus I came to know Jesus after my brother passed away when I was eight years old. My brother, Danny, was born with Down syndrome. One night, November 24th, 1996, my parents and two older brothers went to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert in Green Bay. Coming home, the weather took a […]

Kattie G.

Hurt & Healing In your head I would like you to think of a word. It can be any word at all. Now most people think of happy words right? What word do you think when you think about Jesus Christ? When I first thought about this question I thought of the word “hurt.” So […]

Tiffany P.

Searching In All The Wrong Places My upbringing was by no means a fairy tale or perfect. I was brought up into a broken home, where my dad was not present and my mom was heavily addicted to drugs. I lived at home with my two other siblings and I took care of the house […]

Matt F.

Identity Crisis When I was in middle school and high school my life revolved around my friends, sports, girls and my social statues. God was not a very big part of my life, even though I grew up hearing about Jesus & would still go to church and to youth group. I would just coast […]

Betsy B.

Who Am I? Throughout my childhood and busy career in high school, I thought I was a very devoted Christian. I went to church almost every Sunday, read the Bible, prayed a lot, and tried to display my faith at every chance I could. Senior year came around and life was very hectic and I […]

Abie K.

White Gold Trust I have a white gold ring that I have worn on my left hand’s ring finger every single day since I made “The Promise” my freshman year of high school. Every morning when I put it on, and every night when I take it off, I can’t help but gasp at its […]